Sorry, this page is still under construction

Here there is a prototype of my guitar-amp, or rather a modualar and flexible sound system for analog signals.

Modules (von links nach rechts):
    - Prestage , equalizes spectral power density
    - Level display , 18 logarithmically spaced levels
    - Compressor
    - Distortion , low noise transfer function
    - DSP Interface , anti alias, clip indication
    - Line Driver , shape frequency response, differential line out
    - Regulator  for Voltages and Current

what you do not see from the front:
    - Modul bus backplane
    - Power supply, 30 VA
    - Power stage, strong enough to consume 30 VA

but this is just the beginning ...

already planed:
    - Tube distortion
    - Parametric equalizers
    - Comb Filter
    - DSP - but this is another long running project.

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